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The case


-in the heart of the Amazon

Sarayaku is a Kichwa locality and community in the Pastaza province, Pastaza parish, in the Amazon region of Ecuador. Sarayaku is known for its resistance against the exploitation of its territories by the Argentine oil company CGC, which would result in the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.


Tropical Cordillera Foundation (ECUADOR)

Video made for the Cordillera Tropical Foundation in Ecuador. This foundation continues its successful riverine forest restoration program, which establishes biological corridors between Sangay National Park and agricultural landscapes outside the park.


Salinas Grandes (Argentina)

Salinas Grandes, a white desert at 4.000 mtrs of altitude. Being alone with yourself, listening to yourself without distractions of any kind and listening to the silence takes you to a forgotten state.


It was my dream since I was a child to reach the shores of the Pacific Ocean on a bicycle, and now I travel around the world admiring the beauty of its coasts.


cycle purposes

Everything is not always so idyllic in a nomadic journey of years but in reality we are privileged in front of other much harsher realities.

That’s why I stop where I see that I can contribute my bit by looking into the eyes of these people and empathizing with them.

Meet the humanitarian projects that I am creating along my route with special attention to children and also the solidarity projects of cyclotourist friends who with their initiatives help to build a better and more humane world.


-accompany me on this journey

At the moment I am traveling without a sponsor for one meal a day or when I have to repair my bike.

It is thanks to friends who are encouraged to buy me a photo or with donations that I can continue my trip around the world, if you like any of the photos I have you can access the store and make a purchase or send me a message indicating the photo you would like to have. It will arrive at your home on canvas or framed. All prints are high quality but if you prefer I can send it to you in digital format so you can print it yourself or use it as wallpaper at a better price.

With your purchase you will help me with the project A World on a Bike, thank you very much!

Traveling the world

Travel with me through an interactive map. In it you will find key points of our trip and information of interest.


PhotographyJoin me on this journey with documentary and landscape photography.


Check out my YouTube channel and see more about the documentaries I make along the way and about my nomadic journey.

Photo stories

In the photo stories you will be able to read about my experiences traveling with the people I meet.

The trip

Let's travel slowly, cycling travel means taking your time, having patience and forcing yourself to get used to new things.

the link

In this space you can learn about the humanitarian projects in which I have put and put all my energy to contribute a grain of sand and in which you can participate with very little.

Thank you for joining me on our journey

-let's get to know each other better-.

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