A World On A Bike

your contribution is very important


let me send you a postcard

Your help is very important to me and I would like to send you a postcard as a thank you with a photo of the place where I am at the moment you send me your contribution.

Apart from helping me with a plate of food or to repair the bike, which are the major expenses in my trip, you will be a participant in the elaboration of my first book in which your name will appear. Welcome to Un Mundo En Bicicleta!

Please fill out the contact form indicating your address and as soon as I have a mailbox near you I will send you the mailing. You can send your contribution by credit card or Paypal in the link. The minimum value for me to send you the postcard is 10 euros for printing and shipping costs.

Thanks again for your collaboration with the project and join me! 

Don't forget to write your address if you want to receive the postcard 🙂

-let's get to know each other better-.

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