A World On A Bike

About me

All the countries I have visited, each one of them, has left something in me but with time I asked myself if the life I was leading was the one I wanted for me and if waiting for vacations was enough to experience this feeling that traveling by bike gives, I wondered if it was the only possibility, and ultimately if I was participating in my life as I wanted, if my dream of traveling the world with total freedom was not possible to do it at once acquiring a nomadic life and full of adventures at my 47 years old.

I think that one must search to find the path that leads us to the essence of who we truly are and that ultimately the place where some of us were born makes us privileged to be able to choose the life we want even if it can be hard or very hard at times.

I sold my house and my belongings, paid my mortgage and tax debts and launched myself into the adventure of a nomadic life now without money.

Since then I am more and more a citizen of thousands of other places. Due to the nature of traveling by bicycle, I relate directly with the places, with the people I visit and of course with the people I meet, my photographs and my stories are a direct consequence of my experience with these people.

In this way I offer my work as a photographer and videographer to foundations and ngo’s that work with the most vulnerable communities or I initiate humanitarian projects that are especially focused on improving the quality of life of children who are in very difficult situations and circumstances in contexts of chronic malnutrition or sexual abuse. I also document the injustices to the people of a world that increasingly invisibilizes many and desensitizes so many others.

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